About Us

Welcome to TRUE BASE SOLUTIONS LTD Website! Since 2006 our company has been a leading company regarding our offered services that vary from specialized engineering consulting services for the marine or manufacturing industry as to runways rubber removal from airports.

Our area of expertise includes, amongst others, consulting, inspections, sampling and testing, providing high quality services in developing and implementing various management systems and tools which helps the industry in complying with EU regulations, international standards and harmonizing standards.

We are committed to provide a high Quality Assurance Management Services for a unique customer satisfaction based on the international standard ISO 9001.

Our purpose is to facilitate international high quality services by providing a single set of standards that people everywhere would recognize and respect according to strict rules and regulations in the marine sector.

The company’s Quality Management System is to provide, maintain and implement the goals and targets of each customer’s needs for achieving “Value for Money”.

TRUE BASE SOLUTIONS LTD will always endeavour to communicate in an open and clear manner in the conduct of internal and external affairs,

For more information about our business, please take a closer look at our brochure covering all our operations.